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Dixie Fight Song
Page Created By: David Brossart Date : 3/4/2012
When the teams of Dixie fall in line
We’re going to win the game another time
For the dear old school we love so well
For the DHS we’re going to yell & yell & yell
We’re going to fight, fight, fight for every goal
Til the championship we will hold
We’re going to praise old Dixie to the sky
Rah, Rah, Rah!

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Not Logged User Not Logged User 9/6/2013

"I miss the days when the fight song was "Dixie" but I guess that song isn't "PC""

Not Logged User Not Logged User 7/31/2013

"finally-a printed version--love it--our son graduated in 2003, but my husband and I continue to come to the games and cheer on Dixie!!! patrick and bonnie sage"

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