• Archery

    Rick Murray - Head Coach

    Mark Artmeier - Assistant Coach
    Dave Machlitt - Assistant Coach

    DH Archery

  • DH Baseball

    Chris Maxwell - Head Coach

    Scot Young - Assistant Coach

    Brian Abeling - Assistant Coach
    Patrick Rottinghaus - Assistant Coach

  • DH Bowling- Boys & Girls

    Howard Wehrle - Head Coach

    Tom Nonno - Assistant Coach
    Rob Spivey - Assistant Coach


  • DH Boys Basketball

    Roddy Stainforth - Head Coach

    Kyle Chevalier - Asst. Coach

    Chad Fields - Head Freshman Coach

  • DH Boys Golf

    Drew Clayton - Head Coach
    Paul Treadway - Head Coach

  • DH Boys Soccer

    Jeff Scroggin - Head Coach

    Oliver Sandoval - Freshman Coach

    Michael Thaxton - Assistant Coach

    Dixie Heights Varsity Dixie Heights Boys JV

  • DH Boys Tennis

    Paul Treadway - Head Coach

  • DH Boys Track & Field

    Steve Saunders - Head Coach

    James Brown - Asst. Coach
    Pat Moyer - Asst. Coach

  • DH Cheerleading

    Kelsey St.John - Head Coach

  • DH Cross Country

    You Gotta Go Now.....!!!

  • DH Girls Basketball

    Joel Steczynski - Head Coach

    Steve Haigis - Assistant Coach
    Steve Saunders - Freshman Coach

  • DH Girls Golf

    Alex Koenig - Head Coach

  • DH Girls Soccer

    Chris Sturm - Head Coach

    Andrew Taylor - Asst Head Coach

    Sean Skaggs - Freshman Coach

    Girls Soccer

  • DH Girls Tennis

    Ken Chevalier - Head Coach
    Brandon Griffith - Asst. Coach

  • DH Girls Track & Field

    Dixie Heights Girls Track and Field

  • DH Softball

    Roddy Stainforth - Head Coach

    Sarah Gronefeld - Asst. Coach

    Bret Garrett - Asst. Coach
    Tim Rowbotham - Asst. Coach

    Dixie Heights High School

  • DH Swim/Dive

    Ryan House - Head Coach
    Tonyo Young - Coach


  • DH Wrestling

    Dan Osborne - Head Coach

    Victor DeLong - Assistant Coach

    Dixie Heights is located in Northern Kentucky and is a member of the Kenton County School District. The Dixie Heights Wrestling Team came to be in 1980. Since then the program has had consistant success. This website will be used by Dixie Heights Wrestling during the season to keep wrestlers and fans up to date on what is going on.

  • Dixie Heights Football

    David Brossart - Head Football Coach

    Ray Arnold - Linebackers
    Doug Cottingim - Strength Coach
    Steve Dalmeyer - Defensive Backs
    Lance Johnson - Linebackers
    Todd Newton - Quarterbacks
    Mike Wilde - Frosh. Asst. Coach
    Scott Young - Varsity Defensive Line

    Derek Bosse - Offensive Line
    Nick Rice - Defensive Coordinator


  • Dixie Heights Volleyball

    Matt Long - Head Varsity Coach
    Rebecca Riedinger - J.V. Head Coach

    Joy Amann - Freshman Head Coach
    Palm Vongsanit - Manager


  • Sports Medicine

    Dixie Heights Sports Medicine


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